Tenant Improvement Project Two


Renovating your business gives your clients and staff confidence.  As an owner, it shows them that you are committed to your business and increases everyone's sense of pride.  Working with an Interior Designer on Interior Architect can help lead you down the right path to making the financial decisions that will help increase revenue and customer experience.

“The Whitestone team are delightful professionals to work with. They have helped us furnish and decorate three homes over the last twelve years—a major remodel of our large family home; our log cabin; and most recently, a 4700sf new beach home on Camano Island. We love the results of each project. The design team at Whitestone are excellent listeners and always achieves the perfect balance of comfort, style, and function. Whitestone Design Group will always be the first people we contact when considering any changes in design or furnishings for our homes.”

- Gary & Vicki Camano Island, WA

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