Whitestone Design Group was founded in 2012 by a couple of Designers with a dream of making a name for themselves and ultimate faith in their design skills. Although we are a Design Team capable of doing it all, our passion really lies in not just making a space beautiful, but truly making it functional for its users. After all - it is people that truly matter and in the
end - its their experience that makes good design great.

Our theory behind our approach to design is that simplicity and
sophistication are synonymous and it is unlikely for one to exist without the other. Depth, texture, and collected treasures are elements that are found in every project we touch. Quality construction, attention to detail , and the ability to tell our clients story is what makes us, well, us! 

About the Company


Having a “good eye” comes natural to me, but I will never stop driving to push boundaries and be an innovator. Recognizing the needs of a space and its users has always been the key to my success in creating greatness on every project I’m a part of. 

Heather - Scherie


Design is what makes me tick. I have an extreme passion for all things “interior.” My goal is to create homes that unify the people who live within it and the architectural details that define it. Having the sense of connection, flow and balance is what makes the space become more. I want to give our clients a home they love and are truly proud of. 

Kristi Sparks


I feel that the best design comes from trusting your gut and cultivating an innate sense of style. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love for furniture, materials and space planning. I strive to make every project a reflection of the people who live there, showcasing their passions and personalities uniquely while making it beautiful and functional. 

Brittany Whitney

interior designer

Heidi Solmonson

interior designer

Born into a design-focused family, my passion for interiors started at an early age. Personally I have a passion for the attention to the detail that interior design requires. Designing with intention so that each selection made adds to the story of the home. I love that, here at Whitestone, this is our focus. Creating luxury design style for everyday living.

I live in California and my sister came from Washington to visit. I had been wanting to update the downstairs of my home and had asked her to help me look for furniture and accessories, as her house is decorated beautifully. 
We were both having a hard time finding anything that would work because: 

1. Everything had to be functional, not just attractive to look at. 
2. The natural layout of the rooms are awkward. 
3. The rooms are smaller in size.

The two of us could not figure out the family room, office, and dining room. Each room had a large piece of furniture that had sentimental meaning so our goal was to work around those items. 

Before my sister returned to Washington she took pictures of each room and measurements of the walls and windows. Once home, she met with her the design team at Whitestone Design Group and showed her the pictures. Whitestone virtually was able to come up with a plan for all the rooms without stepping foot in my home. Even though we did everything through FaceTime and e-mail, it did not take her long to figure out my style. My budget is limited so I purchased everything for one room at a time. Whitestone was always in touch, kept me moving forward and on track to complete my design plan.   
Whitestone Design Group exceeded any expectations in helping complete my home project. I now have a sense of peace when I walk into a room I love.

- Cheryl Redlands, CA

I now have a sense of peace