“Not only were we moving across country, but we were still working, bought a fixer upper that had to be ready in six months, and we had two kids under two. We knew we were in over our heads and hiring out a professional was the only way we were going to make the move as smoothly as possible.

We met with the ladies and Whitestone and four years later, I can still say we’ve never spent our money more wisely. The design discovery portion felt intense initially, but we are so grateful that we trusted them and their process! They used everything we shared with them about how we live, what we wanted, and couldn’t believe how respectful of our budget they were.

In six short months, we made our move to Florida with two kids and two dogs in tow and continue to reach out to Whitestone often for any design needs! Couldn’t be more pleased with our experience. 

- Sally & Paul - Seaside, FL

You’re busy - we get that!