Happy Father’s Day!

June 15, 2014

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Heather Scherie and her dad, Michael.

Heather Scherie and her dad, Michael.

We both love our dads and wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to them for helping to make us the people we are today.

Michael Gilbertson received his bouncy baby girl on May 31st back in the 80’s when his shorts were WAY short and his hair was WAY big!  Being a single dad and completely unfamiliar with how to dress a little girl, he would put me in “boy clothes” as I referred to them.  Our favorite activity was snuggling up next together watching football on Sundays.  This certainly shaped my future, as I am now addicted to football and still love snuggle time!  

Growing up, my dad embraced my love of color, art, and design.  He was always sure to tell me that I could be whatever I wanted to be as long as I applied myself.  He was supportive and proud and was certainly my number one hero.  Whenever I could score time with my dad, I most definitely took it, whether it was throwing a softball around in the yard or watching a dreaded Nascar race on TV.  I consider herself to be a daddy’s girl to the max!

My dad is definitely the best man I know.  I couldn’t be any more proud than I am to call him my pops and am so looking forward to the day he walks me down the aisle.  He is the funniest man I know, he has the biggest heart, and making him proud is my favorite past time! I love you, Pops.  Happy Father’s Day!! 

Mike Cooper was blessed with the best Christmas present a person could ask for, ME! Being the one of five brothers and sisters, my dad always made me feel like I was his only child. Growing up, he would be busy at work all day, come home, have dinner, spend time with all of us, then return to work for some more meetings. He never once made us feel like he was too busy or too tired. He spent so much time with us, whether it be playing sports outside, or horsing around in the family room, he was (and still is) so involved with everything we did. I hope that I can follow in his footsteps to give my future family the attention, energy, and love the he constantly gives me everyday. He is my biggest cheerleader, always encouraging me to “work hard and stay humble.” 

This is one of my favorite photos! Dad and his girls on Skaneateles Lake, NY in summer of 1989. 

This is one of my favorite photos! Dad and his girls on Skaneateles Lake, NY in summer of 1989. 

Happy Father’s day Dad! This is a special year for you and I, and I’m so excited for you to walk me down the aisle and twirl me on the dance floor to “our song” in just two short months! 

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