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March 24, 2015

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Between the two of us, we’ve been a lot of places, butI personally have never to Las Vegas!  As we have a pending wedding on the horizon, we decided to take this opportunity to ship off to Sin City and see what kind of trouble we could dig up for ourselves for a bonafide Bachelorette Party! 



Naturally, there were many outfits to be planned, many bags to be packed, and a large list of destinations to be seen.  We had such a great time and have documented some of the events from our travels! 

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My favorite place we went to for food was by far  Tao.  There isn’t a single expense spared in any of the restaurants or nightclubs in Las Vegas, but Tao made my jaw as an Interior Designer drop straight to my freshly manicured toes!  From the moment that you walk into the facility, everything is PURE luxury.  Which, here at the Whitestone Design Group, we are really big fans of.  

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We spent a lot of time in the sun at pool party’s and while I find that MGM’s pool is beautiful, The Hard Rock Cafe’s pools were a spectacularly good time!  People looking for a dance party poolside, Hard Rock is your spot.  The pools all feel like you’re at a beach and the pool side cabana’s are a real treat.  You will likely have to spend some time in a line that feels as long as the Empire State Building is tall, but it is worth it on the other side.  

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Fashion in Las Vegas… ANYTHING goes!  It is Vegas, so shiny and short tend to be the most popular items on the shelves, but style comes in all shapes and sizes in this town.  And the shoes!!  It was impressive to see how many women were brave enough to wear heels around time I would only commit to if I were walking from the front door to the car.  The group of ladies and I went for cute and our version of sexy, but shoes that we would be able to wear until 6am! 

My tips I will leave you with for traveling to Las Vegas, travel with people you trust, you only need three days there, and book a pedicure for when you return home!  Thanks for reading about our time in Vegas!  Until our next travels… XX


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