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January 3, 2019

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Whitestone Design Group | Welcome 2019

I’ll be honest…. 2018 was NOT my best blogging year. Both my business and personal life were a total whirlwind, but I have zero complaints. Welcoming my newest baby into my family has been the greatest joy… Having baby number one was fantastic, but the feeling of my family now being complete just feels like everything in my life is just as it should be.

One of my greatest accomplishments of last year was leaning into the ability to surrender. Life with a business, two young babies, a new home, friendships that I hold near and dear to my heart has been a total blessing AND a lot to juggle. The perfectionist in me has traditionally been insane about deadlines, had to have every detail in place at all times, and never lets people down (or says no). Last year taught me to prioritize and accept that the little things that go unfinished will not be make my life implode. Blogging was one of those things that I needed to let go of a little bit. My family and my clients came first and I’m okay with that.

Whitestone Design Group | Welcome 2019

With that being said, I’m excited and feeling refreshed to start sharing all over again. I love sharing before and afters of the projects completed here at Whitestone Design Group. I love sharing DIY projects. And I especially LOVE sharing both mine and my families travel experiences! There’s great design all over the world and I intend to see it all!

In this coming year, readers can expect to hear from us hear at Whitestone weekly. We have tons of projects to share with you and insight into our own lives and projects! Even more exciting, we are sooooo excited to announce that we will be opening an online shop this year! One of a kind pieces… Local goods…. All of mine/our favorite pieces in one place! I can’t wait to share how this all comes together.

Please leave us a comment on the things you love to read about the most! I’m putting the finishing touches on this years blogging calendar and want to make sure that you as our reader are getting what you’re coming here for! Thank you so much for stopping by. Happy New Year!

Happy Designing!

Whitestone Design Group | Welcome 2019

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