One Room Challenge | Week 8 – REVEAL Day!

April 3, 2021

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time! That wonderful time when the Internet gets flooded with gorgeous before and after photos from hundreds of creative talents. It’s reveal day! Although this has been one of the most bizarre projects that I’ve worked on today, I have to admit that I have an immense amount of pride for doing so much of the manual labor by myself. In all honestly, I feel like it makes me even more proud of what I’ve accomplished. The space is sooooo my style. Simple, classic, and just enough of a pattern punch to really have my stamp on it! I’m so happy to share with you all how far this space has come.

If you’re not familiar with what the One Room Challenge is, let me fill you in real quick. Each season, (Fall and Spring), twenty featured designers are selected to share their talents with all of those who love design and a serious Before & After. Be sure to check in on those folks right here and be ready to be inspired! In addition, other lovers of design, DIYers, Designers and everyone in between are invited to participate as Guest Participants to show off their projects on the hosts site as well. You can see all of the other spectacular talent here.

This post wouldn’t be a very good reveal if I didn’t take you on a quick trip down memory lane! So, for a quick refresh, here’s a reminder of what this sad master bedroom looked like before I dug in.

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It was sooooo dark. It felt like a cave, which I’m sure some might find cozy…. But, for me, I need bright and clean spaces. So, the overhaul began and although I’m only at 98% completion, I am over the moon with the new space!







Paint does wonders. I painted the entire room (walls, trim, ceilings) all in Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace. It was a lot of work, but I really feel like it made a massive difference. Also, adding two new can lights, two solar tubes, and LED lighting in the closet, really makes the space feel far brighter and more inviting. Scoring the white powder coated door hardware from Real Craft Hardware was huge too. I had major fears about having this massively invasive looking hardware in the room, but this hardware is truly top notch in terms quality, and the white fades right into the trim I had to install up there to accommodate the weight of the hardware in the doors. For those of you that have been following along, I ended up going back to Benjamin Moore’s Fog Mist for the handmade doors. Funny story – turns out I ended up buying a can of the BM Advance just “as is.” Zero color was added – haha, I’m still laughing hysterically over that faux pas. But, I think the color turned out to be really soft against all the white and ended up breaking up all the doors in the room now.

The closet felt like and entire project in it of itself. It was a much bigger undertaking that I originally expected, but it feels both functional and beautiful now. I went all out on details and storage inside. It feels like I can get dressed so much easier now being able to just open things up and see everything at once. And, I feel like the my shoes (total shoe lover here) now finally have the storage that they so deserve! I might live pretty sustainably and I might not have a huge wardrobe, but I’m pretty much always going to be “that girl” that buys the shoes.

My pride enjoy of this entire project probably has to be tackling the tile work outside of the closet. It’s interesting because now that I’ve done it, I’ve thought about 10 other ways that I could have solved my flooring issue between the bedroom and the closet, but I’m really proud of myself for being brave and learning a new skill set. Now, every time I walk into the bedroom, I smile knowing how hard I had to work at making that transition look beautiful and loving every square inch of it.

The other showstopper is undeniably the bed. I mean, what’s a bedroom without a bed? I absolutely love Holli Zollinger and this pattern, Sun Dial, was calling my name from the first day I started this project. I had used one of her graphic patterns on my last One Room Challenge and couldn’t have been happier with the wallpaper. But, I didn’t want to do just another bold wallpaper this time around, so I got ambitious, and reupholstered/made a bed finished entirely with this fabric. Coupled with really beautiful linens, an amazing mattress, and pillows I can’t get enough of, the bed feels so luxurious and comfortable – it’s honestly hard to get out of in the morning!

I kept the details and decor in this space pretty light. I really wanted the space to have a minimal feel that would be really easy to tidy up still feel finished. So, although there isn’t a great deal of decor in this bedroom, everything really has both function and form. I love it.

I’m really looking forward to finishing this space up to 100%. I’m still waiting on the floating nightstands and replacement hardware for the doors, but it feels so good to be juuuuuuuust about done. I also can’t wait to update this post with professional photography! There’s just nothing better. Until then, I really appreciate all the support and love from so many. I couldn’t do all of this without you!

Until next time, I’ll just be sitting here scheming up my Master Bathroom project!

Happy Designing All



**Thank the heavens for online shopping! I wouldn’t have been able to do this project without it.

Fabric for Bed – Spoonflower – Holli Zollinger Sun Dial

Bench – Amazon

Rug – Overstock

Books – One | Two

Side Tables – Target

Planter & Pot – Amazon | Amazon

Linen Duvet Cover – Parachute

Sateen Sheet Set – Parachute

Bolster Pillow – Target

Accent Pillows – AllModern

Striped Blanket – Etsy

Mirror – World Market

Wall Sconces – All Modern

Dresser – West Elm

Closet System – Pax System Ikea

Door Pull Hardware – Etsy

Track Hardware – Aero System from Real Craft

Paint – Benjamin Moore

Linen Draperies – West Elm

Woven Roller Shade – Blinds.com

Ceiling Fan – AllModern

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