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August 9, 2023

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Design books serve so many purposes. They are inspiring to look through, they look great styled on your shelf, coffee table or nightstand, and they can teach us to look at things in a new way. Every time I pull out one of these go to design books I find something new, a custom cabinet detail, a way of styling a shelf I would have never thought of, a living room layout that suddenly inspires a solution for a client project. They never get old! So grab a cup of coffee (or wine!) a cozy blanket and let’s get inspired. 

Home with RUE – Kelli Lamb

Lamb has an incredible design eye and the collection of interiors she curated for this book is INCREDIBLE. There’s a little something for everyone. Scandi, eclectic maximalism, farmhouse, traditional, the list goes on! This is always one of the first books I reach for when I need some inspiration.

Pacific Natural At Home – Jenni Kayne 

This book is the epitome of Southern California living. The book contains work by several different designers but has a very curated aesthetic. Each home has a soft, minimal and relaxing vibe that blends perfectly with the outdoors. It will have you planning your dream vacation home in Malibu in no time. 

Live Beautiful – Athena Calderone

Anyone interested in design is probably aware of this book. It’s a treasure trove of inspiring spaces that are all so different from each other. This book feels to me like the antithesis of trendy design. every space transcends trends and is instead an intentionally curated, representation of the people living there. There’s minimalism, maximalism, neutral interiors, loud and colorful spaces, city living and country slow living. Even if not every space is your “style” I guarantee you’ll find something on every page to inspire you.

Made For Living – Amber Lewis

One of the biggest names in interior design today is Amber Lewis of Amber interiors. Her debut book does not disappoint! Full of her signature warm, layered, luxurious yet livable design style this book is full of inspiring images of homes we all dream we could live in. Each space has a wonderful combination of old and new that creates a timeless aesthetic. This is also one of few design books that I have read cover to cover because it is full of incredible design advice. Her section on choosing the right paint undertones for your space is one of the best I’ve ever read and I reference it often.

Workstead: Interiors of Beauty and Necessity – Workstead

I just got this book for my birthday and it is an instant favorite. This books feels like luxury. The linen cover is so soft and just holding it transports me to a finer world. Even if not every project speaks to your own style, you will find inspiration in the creative solutions, materiality, scale and lack of trendiness. The details of each project in this book are exquisite. 

Honorable Mention:

Arranging Things – Colin King

This new release book is less about interior design and more about styling. King sees objects and spaces to be styled in such a special way that is truly inspiring. I found this book really helpful for letting go of the need to arrange the perfect “shelfie” and to instead focus on filling your home with intentional things that you love. A shelf doesn’t need to be stacked with books and candles and styling baubles, a beautiful vintage vase can look even more styled and intentional. This book is great for pre-photoshoot inspiration! 

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