International Dog Day

August 25, 2023

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Our Favorite Items for Design Forward Dog Lovers: To celebrate International Dog Day, we’ve rounded up some super chic pet finds that any design savvy pet owner can love just as much as their furry friend. 

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger A. Caras

1. Memory Foam Dog Bed 2. Personalized Dog Tag 3. Bandana 4. Dog Bag Holder 5. Fur Bebe Shampoo 6. Waterproof Dog Leash 7. Chewy Vuiton Chew Toy 8. Treat Puzzle 9. Treat Dispensing Toy 10. Koko Chewnel Squeaky Toy 11. Slow Feeder Dog Bowl 12. Treat Dispensing Dog Toy 13. Pawdicure Dog Paw Balms 14. Wood Ventilated Dog Crate

Gone are the days that being a pet owner meant unsightly plastic dog crates and obnoxiously colored squeaky toys.  This roundup is cleverly curated to ensure that your best friend’s favorite (and necessary) belongings fit ever-so-nicely into just about anyone’s design style!

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