FRIDAY FIVE – Exterior Light Must-Haves

September 15, 2023

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Modern Exterior Lighting Sconces

Feature Image: Architecture by James McNeal Architecture

With the days getting shorter and the summer slowly coming to an end, we’re taking this “Friday Faves” opportunity to do a quick round up of our favorite exterior lights.  Obviously, exterior lighting is crucial for way-finding, but also gives a convenient way to give your home some personality!  As professional Interior Designers, we see lighting as the jewelry of your home. Let’s dive into our current five favorite exterior lights that are sure fire fixtures to create a “stop and stare moment” for the exterior of your home!

Modern Exterior Lighting Sconces

1. Liaison Outdoor Sconce | 2. Windfall Outdoor Sconce | 3. Rega Outdoor Sconce | 4. Peak Outdoor Sconce | 5. Darwin Outdoor Sconce

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