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October 3, 2023

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Did you know that October 5th is World Teachers’ Day?? There’s also Teacher Appreciation Week in May, but that’s so far away and we want to let our kids’ teachers know just how much we appreciate all that they do! We really could not do it all without their hard work, dedication and patience with our children. It’s no secret that our teachers deserve far more than an apple for everything they put up with. But they are all probably a little sick of the cheesy mugs, succulents that inevitably die no matter how much you try to remember to water them and cheap knick knacks that end up in landfills. So, we put our brains together and came up with some great ideas for gifts that are beautiful, functional and sure to win back the affection of your kid’s teacher even though he may or may not have bit them that one time… Enjoy!

1. Crossbody Bag | Lip Mask | Hair Clips | 2. Match Holder | 3. Cocktail Recipe Book | Cocktail Mixing Glass | Stirring Spoons | 4. Ouai Bath Bombs | Contoured Sleep Mask | 5. Linen Towel | Wood Measuring Spoons | Half Baked Harvest Cookbook | 6. Rocketbook Reusable Notebook | 7. Charcuterie Recipe Book | Cheese Knives | 8. Amber Candle | Rechargable Lighter

Gifts For Any Teacher

1. Crossbody Bag Filled With Goodies: Crossbody bags/fanny packs are a trend that isn’t going anywhere because they are so dang functional. This one is less than $15 and you can fill it with a few self care items to help revive your sweet teacher’s spirit. The overnight lip mask is super hydrating with winter on the way and the hair clips are great for keeping hair out of her face while dealing with classroom antics. You can also add a Starbucks giftcard for extra bonus points!

2. Glass Match Holder: This match holder is so beautiful and elegant. It’s fancy enough to be a gift on it’s own or pair it with a yummy smelling candle.

3. Cocktail Set: It’s a safe assumption that most teachers need to unwind a bit after a long week. This beautiful cocktail recipe book (under $10!) paired with a glass mixing jar and stirring spoon makes for the perfect set to start creating a much deserved cocktail. The glasses and spoons come in a set of two so you can keep one for yourself or use it for a housewarming gift for a friend!

4. Sleep Mask & Bath Bombs: Relaxation is well deserved after a long day at school teaching crazy kids. These Ouai chill pill bath bombs are scented with jasmine and rose to get in a relaxed state of mind. After a luxurious bath this contoured sleep mask will help your teacher get some beauty rest.

5. Cookbook Set: I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love this Half Baked Harvest cookbook. It’s got something for everyone! Pair it with a classic linen hand towel and some lovely carved wood measuring spoons and you’ve got one classy gift that anyone would love to receive. The hand towels come in a pack of 12 so you can use the rest for yourself or save them for other gifts (they really come in handy during the holidays!)

6. Rocketbook Reusable Notebook: This notebook is so cool! Write notes, lesson plans, scheduling, etc like in a normal notebook and then use your phone to scan the page and it will upload it to an google drive, drop box, iCloud, etc. No more wasting paper or losing notes! It can also transcribe handwriting to text so it’s capable of searching through your notes for you. How cool is that??

7. Charcuterie Book & Cheese Knives: Everyone on the planet likes a good charcuterie board. This recipe book (with over 10,000 5 star reviews) has ideas for every kind of party plater, fruit board, after school snack plate, or dessert tray you could dream of! Pairing it with this beautiful cheese knife set makes it an easy and useful gift for anyone.

8. Candle & Lighter: These candles smell amazing and are super high quality. Pair it with a rechargeable lighter and it’s a classy and easy gift for anyone.

1. Bath Bombs | Loofah | 2. Ribbed Mugs | Lemon Ginger Tea | Mini Honey Jars | Honey Comb Stick | 3. Chapstick | Checkered Makeup Bags | 4. Burts Bees Gift Set | 5. Notebooks | Pencil Case | Pens | 6. Wine Bottle Stoppers

Gifts For Multiple Teachers (Less than $20)

Buying for lots of teachers can add up quickly, but with the right planning you can put together some beautiful and useful gifts that everyone will love!

1. Bath Bomb & Loofah Set: Some beautifully packaged bath bombs and organic loofahs make a great gift for all the people who help teach our kids and deserve some extra relaxation time. These bath bombs are also great and only $10.

2. Hot Toddy Kits: I gave these out last year and they were a hit! In a cute gift box you arrange a mug (these ones come with a wood top to keep your drink warm and a little spoon) a box of lemon ginger tea, a jar or two of honey, a cute little honey comb stick and a mini bottle of whiskey or rum! If you’re feeling extra crafty you can also package a few slices of dried lemons to make this gift really top notch. You can also print off a little recipe card. These are great for during cold and flu season!

3. Checkered Bags With Goodies: These super chic checkered bags come in a set of two (so you can divy them up and give one to each teacher) and are avaikable in lots of colors. You can never have too many makeup bags! They’re great for traveling, storing a first aid kit in your desk, holding chargers, corralling snacks, etc. Fill them with your favorite chap stick and a snack or gift card!

4. Burts Bees Gift Set: You cant beat this one for simplicity! This set of hand lotion, cuticle cream and moisturizing gloves comes pre-packaged and ready to gift. Perfect for everyone as we head into winter.

5. Notebook & Pen Set: This is a super practical but still lovely gift idea when buying for several people. These notebooks come in a set of 4 so you can give one per person, add in a pack of these colored pens and pair it with a cute little pencil case, wrap it up with a pretty ribbon and you’re all set.

6. Wine & Bottle Stopper: These cute little heart shaped wine stoppers are less than $2 a piece. Pair it with your favorite bottle of wine and you’re going to make someone very happy! (Tip: Nine Hats is a delicious red wine that everyone will love and Costco has the best deal on it.)

*This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission for purchases made through our links at no extra cost to you. All opinions are our own.

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