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October 24, 2023

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After we are finished with a project install our clients get to move in and start enjoying their new home. One of the best feelings as a designer is knowing that after the many of hours of careful design, detailed project management, meticulous product tracking and several sleepless nights – our clients get to enjoy a home that was built just for them. This is their space to make memories in and enjoy for many years to come. It’s such a rewarding feeling and something that we will never take for granted. In an effort to help our clients enjoy their new space and keep it looking fresh and new for as long as possible, we created a Client Wrap Up list with all of our favorite, tried and true products that we swear by.

1. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner | 2. Compressed Air Duster | 3. Wine Away | 4. Quakehold | 5. Bissell Upholstery Cleaner | 6. Dusting Cloths | 7. Leather Conditioner Wipes | 8. Fabric Protector Spray | 9. Narwal Robot and Vacuum Mop | 10. Stone & Tile Cleaner | 11. Stain & Odor Remover | 12. Leather Care Kit

1. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: A good cordless vacuum cleaner is essential for keeping a clean and healthy home. This one works on hardwood floors and carpet and has adjustable suction levels which will keep your fine rugs lasting a long, long time.

2. Compressed Air Duster: Compressed air is the best for cleaning your lampshades as well as electronics.

3. Wine Away: Because, you know…accidents happen!

4. Quakehold: Essential for making sure shelf styling stays in place if you have pets, kids or live in an area prone to earthquakes.

5. Bissell Upholstery Cleaner: A powerhouse cleaner for upholstery, spot cleaning rugs and great for your car too.

6. Dusting Cloths: The best dusting cloths for wood furniture or anything that you shouldn’t use harsh cleaners on.

7. Leather Conditioner Wipes: Great for weekly wipe downs for all of your leather furniture and car seats. Consistent maintenance is key to making these pieces of furniture last a lifetime.

8. Fabric Protector Spray: This stuff is amazing for adding an extra layer of protection to your furniture if you have sticky fingers or pets in the home.

9. Narwal Robot and Vacuum Mop: Our favorite robot vacuum and mop combo ever! Heather loves it so much she has one at her house and another for the office. It’s easy to use and works so much better than the first generation robot vacuums.

10. Stone & Tile Cleaner: Great for daily cleaning on your countertops and in bathrooms.

11. Stain & Odor Remover: The best spray cleaner for spot cleaning upholstery and rugs. It works on all sorts of stains and helps with smells from pet accidents too.

12. Leather Care Kit: Ideal for quarterly maintenance of your leather goods to keep them in tip-top shape!

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