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November 17, 2023

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We’re gearing up for a big holiday season of entertaining and wanted to share some of our favorite essentials to make the hectic hubbub as enjoyable (and stylish) as possible! Check out our favorite tried and true things for making this one of the best holiday seasons yet.

1. Monogram Napkins | 2. Ugg Shearling Slippers | 3. Acacia Cutting Board | 4. Maison Louis Marie No. 04 Candle | 5. Soap & Lotion Dispenser Set | 6. Felix Bar Cart | 7. Reverie Bowl | 8. Serving Friends Salad Tongs | 9. Marble Wine Bottle Coaster | 10. Death & Co Cocktail Recipe Book

1. Monogram Napkins: Treat your guests to the royal treatment with monogrammed disposable napkins in your powder room. Biggest bonus: no extra laundry the day after!

2. Ugg Shearling Slippers: Hosting equals lots of hours on your feet which means you deserve to treat your toes to some comfy and cozy slippers. These are chic enough to wear with any of your fabulous holiday outfits.

3. Acacia Cutting Board: The most essential layer of a good charcuterie board is a beautiful cutting board. It also looks great on the table for serving bread, cheese, pie or whatever other culinary masterpiece you create.

4. Maison Louis Marie No. 04 Candle: The best host’s houses smell incredible from the moment you walk in. The key to a great candle for hosting is one that wont compete with the savory smells coming out of the kitchen. This cult favorite candle has notes of sandalwood and cedarwood that compliment without overwhelming. It smells amazing!

5. Soap & Lotion Dispenser Set: Make your powder room ready for guests with a classy matching soap & lotion dispenser. The little luxuries add to the experience.

6. Felix Bar Cart: Let guests mix their own libations by setting out ingredients for a signature cocktail so everyone can make them just how they like it. This beautiful bar cart lets you keep all the bar ingredients in one spot so you can free up your counters for cooking.

7. Reverie Bowl: Hear us out, a big bowl or planter makes a fantastic wine cooler. Just pour a bag of ice and plop in your wine bottles and you have a functional and chic centerpiece!

8. Serving Friends Salad Tongs: These are so fun and a great conversation starter for your party. They bring us joy every time we break them out!

9. Marble Wine Bottle Coaster: Do your counters and furniture a favor and invest in a couple of these bottle coasters. So much more effective and chic than placing the bottle on a napkin. Not having to worry about getting red wine stains off your counters will give you a lot of peace of mind!

10. Death & Co Cocktail Recipe Book: If you haven’t been to one of Death & Co’s Cocktail bars you should add it to your bucket list right now. They make killer cocktails! If you don’t live near one (like us way up here in the PNW) then this recipe book will help you recreate some of their wacky but wonderful elixirs at home. Your guest will be so impressed!

Wishing everyone a peaceful Thanksgiving week full of good food, family, friends and plenty of laughs.


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