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December 26, 2023

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The holiday season brings joy, warmth, and the magic of the season to our homes! However, once the festivities are over, the challenge of organizing and storing all the holiday decorations arises. As interior designers, we understand the importance of effective storage solutions and maintaining a clutter-free home. In this edition of the Edit, we share some valuable insights, tips, and storage options to help you seamlessly put away your holiday decor, ensuring it stays safe, accessible, and ready for the next festive season.

Assess and Sort: Begin by assessing your holiday decor collection. Take inventory of your decorations and sort them into categories such as ornaments, lights, tree accessories, and tabletop decor. This initial step will provide a clear picture of what you have and help you plan your storage needs accordingly. 

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Invest in Dedicated Storage Containers: Investing in storage containers specifically designed for holiday decor will make organizing and storing a breeze. Look for sturdy, stackable, and transparent or neutral containers that allow you to easily identify the contents and keep a neutral, less busy overall aesthetic as these containers are often stored in areas that are already visually busy. These containers help protect delicate ornaments, prevent tangles in lights, and keep everything neatly organized.

72 Quart Clear Plastic Storage Bin | 7 Quart Clear Storage Bins

Labeling and Cataloging: Labeling each storage container is essential for easy identification in the future. We also encourage using an additional QR label for each bin for easy access to images of the items in the containers. Take one or two pictures of all items going in the container before they are loaded in and this will save you time and energy when trying to locate a specific item the next holiday season.

We use QR Code Monkey to create free QR codes and then print them on our favorite peel and stick label sheets.

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Ornament Protection: Ornaments are often sentimental and delicate. To ensure their longevity, wrap them individually in tissue paper (a great way to repurpose the tissue from the big day), or dedicated ornament storage boxes. You can also repurpose egg cartons, paper cups, or muffin tins to provide separate compartments for each ornament. Don’t forget to label these containers to avoid any confusion.

Ornament Storage Box

Lights Organization: Avoid the hassle of untangling lights next year by organizing them properly. Use cord winders or wrap them around pieces of cardboard to keep them tidy and tangle-free. Alternatively, consider investing in specialized light storage reels or bags that provide compartments for individual strands.

Christmas Light Storage Bag

Wreath Storage: Preserve the shape and beauty of your holiday wreaths by utilizing wreath storage containers or bags. These specially designed-containers protect wreaths from dust, moisture, and damage. Look for options that offer adjustable sizing to accommodate various wreath sizes.

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30″ Clear Wreath Storage Bag

Utilize Vertical Space: Maximize your storage potential by utilizing vertical space in your storage areas. Install wall-mounted shelves or utilize hanging organizers to store smaller holiday decor items, candles, garlands, and sculptural pieces. This approach saves valuable floor space and keeps your decor easily accessible.

Christmas Tree Storage Box

Store in a Dedicated Area: Designate a specific area for holiday decor storage. A basement, attic, or spare closet can be transformed into a dedicated storage space. Make sure the area is clean, dry, and well-ventilated to prevent damage to your beloved decorations.

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Purge Unwanted Items: Take this opportunity to declutter and purge any holiday decor you no longer use or love. Donate or recycle items that no longer fit your style or haven’t been used in years. Streamlining your collection will make future storage and organization even more efficient.

Consider Professional Assistance: If you find organizing and storing your holiday decor overwhelming, consider hiring a professional organizer or interior designer. They can provide personalized solutions, offer expert advice, and help create efficient storage systems tailored to your specific needs. 

Organizing and storing holiday decor doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right storage solutions and a systematic approach, you can maintain an organized, clutter-free home while preserving the beauty and joy of your holiday decorations. By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared for effortless decorating and enjoyable celebrations in the years to come. We know it’s a lot but we guarantee it will be worth it and pay off for years to come.  Happy Organizing!

Download our printable labels here and the coordinating label sheets here for the Christmas Organization Giveaway!

1. Ornaments 2. Lights 3. Tree Skirts 4. Tree Toppers 5. Tree Accessories 6. Christmas Tree 7. Wreaths 8. Garlands 9. Stockings 10. Nutcrackers 11. Figurines 12. Candles 13. Tabletop Decor 14. Outdoor Decorations 15. Gift Wrapping Supplies 16. Holiday Linens 17. Christmas Village 18. Nativity Set 19. Holiday Books 20. Miscellaneous Decor

These labels will assist in categorizing and identifying different items as you organize your Christmas decorations. Offering them as a giveaway would be a thoughtful and practical gift for people looking to streamline their holiday storage.

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