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February 26, 2015

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Now you find yourself on a mad dash to purchase bridal magazines and scrolling through pages upon pages on Pinterest planning the wedding of your dreams!  Then, the reality hits you of how much the “wedding of your dreams” is going to cost…  It can be challenging not to fall in love with multi-million dollar weddings, but for the average bride, weddings are going to cost far less that so many of those stunning pictures we see on Colin Cowie’s Pinterest page.  However, there are so many ways to put a special touch on your wedding day that put the most important part of your day in perspective for your guest – the love and the union between you and your partner.  We’ve put together some of our favorite ideas that couples have pulled together to include those intimate details that made their day that much more touching for all parties involved.  

1. Seattle Driftwood Travels to New York

Katie and Billy are Rochester, New York transplants that feel in love and started a life together in the Seattle area.  Billy proposed to Katie on the beaches of the stunning Discovery Park, so it only seemed fitting to the two to have some of the driftwood washed upon shore as a decorative element on their wedding day.  Katie gathered the driftwood from the place that would forever serve as a romantic destination for the two and fabricated seating card display stands out of the soft, salvaged wood.  They were carefully placed around a beautiful urn fully of hydrandeas and the handmade seating cares were diligently placed into this unique display feature.  The outcome was stunning and ended up being one of the highlights of conversation amongst their guests.

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Pictures by Mary Dougherty.  

2. A Lifetime of References From the Bride and Groom

Alexandra and Danna’s wedding day was full of family, friends, and emotions.  One of our favorite ways that this couple put a special stamp on their wedding day was through their unique table names.  The two gathered favorite places from all over the country and made a stunning display board with both an image and name for the tables.  Guest found their names and attached was a description and image of the table they would be dining at.    The images were framed beautifully on each table for results that was both sweet and swoon worthy.

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These images are from Elisha Orin Photography and the DIY’s were done by NixieSparrow.

3. Handmade Ring Boxes

This is another handmade detail that we cannot get enough of.  We don’t know exactly who’s wedding they were for, but they are so thoughtful and sweet, we think every bride and groom should have a set!  We found these on the NixieSparrow site and they made our hearts melt.  Finding tiny, memorable details such as these will do the same for yourselves and your guest and cost so little, but make such a BIG impact.  This is the perfect example of making something truly unforgettable that last far beyond your day of nuptials! 

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So, the truth is that you may not be able to afford hundreds of thousands of dollars of flowers on your big, special day.  But, when it really comes down to it, people will not be attending your wedding to see those anyway.  They will be attending to see you and the one you love most commit to a life together and be amongst your love for a few hours.  It is the smallest of most meaningful details that will be leaving your guests in awe and keep them talking about how special your wedding day was for years to come.  

If you are struggling to find those special details that put your exceptional mark on your day of matrimony, please don’t hesitate to reach out for an Event Design Consult.  

Happily Ever After,

Heather Scherie & Katie 

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