Spring 2015 Favorites

March 5, 2015

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Every upcoming season new trends in design pop up and take charge in the interior design industry. While we get flooded with multiple emails and catalogues from some of our favorite vendors, we cannot help but browse through them and pick out some of our favorite pieces that catch our eye. And some pieces we cannot wait to use in some of our design projects. The colors this year are vibrant and juicy. The patterns are graphic, tribal (it’s not going away quite yet), and a new trend that we’re loving are the patterns that have an abstract or floral watercolor feel to it. Here are some of our favorites for Spring 2015!

Whitestone Design Group Spring 2015 Favorites #whitestonestyle

Clockwise from top left:

1. We are loving all of the Kate Spade Saturday for West Elm introductions, this piece has a loose hand to it and the color combinations makes it feel modern and not overly feminine / 2. I’ve been eyeing the brushstroke gourd lamps and this modern and playful lamp has a much better price point than the Bunnie Williams original / 3. We can’t get enough of marble (hence our name!) and we love the black and white contrast of this lamp / 4. Playful mint and metallic gold pillow / 5. The watercolor-esqe floral pillow from Caitlin Wilson is a great option to welcome spring into any living room or bedroom / 6. This accent ottoman caught my eye at this fantastic showroom when I was in New York, I love the unique shape and nailhead placement compared to the typical X base ottomans / 7. The minute I saw this accent table I knew it would be a go-to piece for future projects / 8. I saw this chair in Crate and Barrel last week and I love the modern take on the traditional french bereger chair mixed with the crisp, clean linen upholstery / 9. Love the clean lines and the metal frame of this lounge chair / 10. Gold leaf and marble…say no more… / 11. The minute I saw a stack of these at Homenature during my visit to NYC last week I knew I had to one or all of them – the neon pink adds a fun playful pop / 12. We love the hexagon shape of this acrylic tray / 13. These abstract vases look great alone or you could add a couple blossoms of your favorite flower to add a dose to spring to your home 

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