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March 10, 2015

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We were approached in the late fall by two wonderful business women (and sisters!) that had taken a leap of faith and bought a hair salon together.  We were flattered when the two of them thought of Whitestone Design Group to transform the space into the business of their dreams.  With one of the owners being a Professional Esthetician, they needed to retrofit the existing hair salon into a business that could also accommodate skin care and massage.  Using the minds of Professional Interior Designers proved to make their wishes come true in one of the most rewarding transformations we’ve done to date! 



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We went on quite the journey exploring what look we wanted to achieve, but it was the surrounding businesses and the owners love of a feminine color palette that determined the overall aesthetic.  Together Heather Scherie and Katie developed a new space plan that would maximize the selling power in the reception area of the salon.  With a smartly thought out design plan and a flexible team of contractors, Studio Six was able to keep their doors open for business throughout the two weeks of construction.  Remodels are never easy, but this project was certainly one of the smoothest we have experienced thus far! 


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Although the space turned out beautiful, perhaps the part of this project that we are most proud of is the amount of revenue the salon is now producing through the product display and storage we factored into the space.  A crisp, white, lighted product feature wall allows the salon and spa to highlight speciality items that drive their business and increase sales.  


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The makeup application counter allows them to book appointments with prom attendants, brides and their bridesmaids, and the date-night-bound woman.  It also serves as a great way for them to try out products on interested clients and host tutorials and seminars.  


Renovating your business gives your clients and staff confidence.  As an owner, it shows them that you are committed to your business and increases everyone’s sense of pride.  Working with an Interior Designer on Interior Architect can help lead you down the right path to making the financial decisions that will help increase revenue and customer experience.  We are so proud to have been part of this tenant improvement project and look forward to working with them on the next phase of their growth!  Please enjoy some more of our favorite details shots from the photo session.


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Paint Colors below are from Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories Palette, Lace Handkerchief CSP 220 and Picnic Basket CSP 730.  Trim color is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove OC-17

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We really appreciate you taking the time to check out our before and after transformation of Studio Six, The Salon and Spa.  Interior Design is our passion and Whitestone Design Group is here to help with both Commercial and Residence Renovations of all sizes.  If you know a business owner in need of a renovation, or a growing business moving into a new or larger space, we certainly can make their transition easier and more enjoyable!  For inquiries, contact us at hello@whitestonedesigngroup.com


 heather scherie & katie

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  1. Jeff says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Great job!

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    I love it all. The transformation takes my breath away and the pictures say it all!

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