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Design Roundup | Large Scale Florals

July 14, 2015

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My personal design style always seems to toggle between tailored, streamlined menswear and gorgeous, feminine glamour.  Currently, there is a design trend that really sheds some light on that girly glamour.  I cannot seem to get enough of the modern, large scale floral patterns that I’m seeing EVERYWHERE right now!  These new age floral patterns are bold, in your face, and bigger than I’ve ever seen before.  I’m obsessed!  

I thought I would take the opportunity to gush on my latest obsession, by sharing a Design Roundup of some of my favorite large scale floral items fresh on the interior design and fashion scene.  All of these pieces are currently available and the links are below. 

large scale floral roundup | floral inspired items available summer 2015 | floral interior decor | floral fashion |

1. large scale floral rug | 2. gold floral lumbar pillow | 3. floral nail wraps | 4. large scale floral chair | 5. large scale floral fabric & wallpaper | 6. floral handbag | 7. large scale floral pillow | 8. floral wrist watch 

Obviously, I can’t just leave it at that!  I have to share some of my favorite large scale floral design installations and applications.  It’s fun to see the pieces, but I particularly love seeing it applied to real design.

large scale floral chairs | floral furnishings | floral chairs


A well designed room always seems to have mixed patterns done right.  If you’ve got one of those gorgeous, geometric rugs that are so on trend right now, put a floral chair on it!  If you’ve got a beautiful set of small scale patterned drapes in your living or bedroom, place a floral chair in front of it!  And if you chickened out on wallpaper in your formal dining room, try large scale floral host chairs at either end of your table to really make a statement! What I love about these bold chairs, is that you can take any chair, old or new, and make it current and fresh with a fun fabric you can’t live without.  If you love this look, you should make friends with a fabulous upholsterer and hit the flea market! Re-upholstering allows you to truly attain a look that is entirely your own.  

large scale wall murals | large scale wallpaper | schumacher wallpaper | floral wall art


So many say that great Interior Design is all about scale and proportion.  So, what happens when you slap a massively over scale wall mural or wallpaper on your walls? Art! Magic! And the biggest conversation point of your entire home! You are certainly a friend of mine if you make bold moves like these! Have you ever seen a design detail that makes such a glorious impact on a room?!  If you love large scale floral design, wall murals and wall paper are the perfect way to make a statement.  

large scale floral pillows | large scale floral drapes | large scale floral curtains | large scale floral pattern | floral pillows | modern floral pillows


As a professional interior designer, I often have clients that are apprehensive about making large monetary purchases towards design trends.  However, for anyone who wants to enjoy modern floral prints in their home without the financial commitment of re-upholstering furniture and indulging in wall murals, pillows and the introduction of fun fabrics is a great way to accomplish the look for less! Pillows and draperies are such an easy way to get prints, metal details, and color ways that are trending into your space.  You can spend a small fraction of your budget for the entire space on the fun details you’re loving when they are at the height of the trend, and not feel too guilty replacing them with a new craze down the road.  I often encourage clients to buy into trending items simply because it allows them to have as much confidence in their homes as they do in their wardrobes!  If you are only willing to invest $100 or so to feel current and know you have that “designer touch” to your space, a floral accent, pillow, or framed fabric swatch is a great way to go! 

Every girl loves flowers… Why not surround yourself with them permanently?!  To see more large scale floral inspiration, visit our Pinterest board. 

Feel free to share your favorite floral finds with me.  I would love to see what is inspiring others and what I might be missing!  Leave a comment below or email me at  

Thanks for visiting!

Heather Scherie

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  1. Nicole Dionne says:

    Good afternoon,
    I have seen your lovely flowers Design .
    I live in Monaco, and i have 2chairs to be cover.
    Could you tell me in Europe where i can bought your fabric to cover my armchairs.
    Thank you in advance .
    Nicole Dionne

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