New Year, New Goals

January 4, 2018

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See ya 2017!

And just like that, another year is behind us and we find ourselves here in 2018 with the ability to put our new intentions into motion and take a good look at what matters most.  Isn’t it fortunate that we have this truly amazing time of year?  Collectively we get the opportunity to slough off the weight of the last twelve months and move forward with a fresh perspective and energized spirit without judgement because we’re all just crazy enough to be doing the same thing!  I’m personally a big fan of a new year, a new attitude, and a set of new goals.  I’ve decided to take it easy on myself this January because 2017 was depleting to say the least. So, I’m keeping this year’s goals focused and attainable.  Here we go! whitestone design group | new year, new goals | blog post

1. MINIMIZE MY WORKLOAD  I’m all about working smarter and not harder.  Ask anyone who knows me, I say this A LOT!  But, I also have a strong tendency to say “yes” A LOT as well.  Far more than I should anyway.  While I love taking on new challenges, meeting new people, offering my skill set to others in need, I know full well that having a plate that is constantly overflowing really packs a punch to my stress level.  Moving into 2018, I want to give myself permission to have less responsibility.  The pressure of raising a good human really is enough on one person.  But, when we start stacking the careers, charity work, social engagements, etc. on top of it all, we really end up doing a number on ourselves.  I’ve made the decision that I want to do the things that give me the most joy really well and not have a laundry list of additional obligations waiting behind them.  Sorry, not sorry.

2. GET MORE INVOLVED WITH MY DESIGN COMMUNITY  Now, I know that this might seem contradictory to my goal of minimizing my workload, but I’m not looking to get involved in a role that requires my weekly attendance or something like that.  Seattle has such an amazing network of truly talented Interior Designers and Creatives and I’d like to spend more time rubbing elbows with like minded individuals in my field.  I always feel inspired after talking to someone who shares my passion for the creative arts and in this last year, I’ve felt rather isolated by keeping my head down and taking good care of my workload.  So, this year damnit, I’m going to get in on the fun!  In case you didn’t know, Designers really know how to throw one hell of a party.

3. BLOG MORE FREQUENTLY  I do not claim to be a spectacular writer.  However, writing about projects and client experiences really is such a wonderful outlet that I genuinely enjoy.  It’s very easy for me to put blog posting on the back burner, simply because I know that I have to get the work that my clients are paying me for out the door.  But, I love the feedback I get from my clients when they see their projects featured on the blog.  I love the comments that gets left on my blog post when a reader has found a post to be helpful in regards to a project that they themselves are tackling.  I also really enjoy hearing tips from others on how they attempted a DIY project I featured differently than I approached it!  What a great way to learn new skills!

4. LEARN TO USE THE 5 SECOND RULE  I recently participated in an online workshop presented by Mel Robbins.  It was a personal development workshop that encourages people to stop functioning out of fear and start taking action in your life and business.  To quote her, “knowing what to do will never be enough.”  We often allow our brains to talk ourselves out of going after goals, sometimes without evening knowing it.  And generally, its very quickly.  The 5 Second Rule is a simple one.  It’s as elementary as when one has the impulse to act on a goal, they must physically move towards it within 5 seconds.  I believe that starting to remind myself everyday that the only thing that really matters is RIGHT NOW, will help me in every facet of life.

5. PRACTICE MORE MINDFULNESS  This is almost a “cheater” goal since it kind of goes hand in hand with the goal of minimizing my workload, but I have no qualms about doubling down on doing less and being more present.  As a creative, I feel like my brain is ALWAYS racing.  I mean… If you spent 30 seconds in my head, it’s likely you’d think I’m a bonafide crazy person because I’d probably being having about 30 thoughts inside of said 30 seconds.  No. Joke.  I always have so many balls in the air and so many obligations to others that I can find it quite challenging at times to even be in a conscious and undistracted state around my loved ones.  I can hardly sit down to watch a movie with my spouse without having my laptop open to send some client coordination. To make my grocery shopping list.  To ensure that I’ve ordered my best friends birthday gift.  To schedule my sons next doctors appointment.  To check that all the bills have been paid… You get the idea.  And frankly, it’s exhausting.

Having it all comes at a very high price.  So, I’m deciding to have less.

whitestone design group | new year, new goals | blog post

So, here’s to a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year to you all!  I’d love to hear what goals you have for yourself this year!  Share the love and inspire us all!



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