One Room Challenge | Guest Room – Week Two

October 15, 2020

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Ohhhhhh…. How things can change in mere seven days of one week! We asked and we took in all the feedback we received from our viewers about which Design Plan they loved most. We weren’t really surprised that the two plans pretty much came in as a tie. Both plans were beautiful, so we were happy that each plan had votes and interest. But, what we did find to be shocking was home many people commented that they wanted elements from both of the plans to wind up in the final design! So, off we went as a team, to bring in the elements of each plan that people responded to most to make for one final design plan. But… timelines are giving us hell!


If you’re not familiar with the One Room Challenge, it’s such a fantastic event! Twenty talented Designers/Bloggers/DIYers and a whole slew of Guest Participants overhaul a space of their choosing. In six weeks, all participants reveal their room makeover for the world to see. So much goes into each of these projects and it truly is a celebration of hard work and incredible vision. You can see the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge 20 Featured Designers Here . This season, they will actually be wowing us with a Digital Transformation in lieu of a traditional transformation due to the restraints of Covid and we are personally so excited to see how this new way of doing things shakes out! You can also keep up to date with the rest of the Guest Participants Here to see what so many others are getting themselves into!

As so many of our current clients now right now… Delivery and shipping is just not our friend right in the current state that our country is in. With the added stress of the One Room Challenge only being a six week endeavor, we’re committing to getting this done on time, so we’ve ALREADY had to make some pretty drastic changes. This feels weird to us seeing as how we generally have to have lengthly discussions about waiting patiently to get the overall outcome just right, But, this feels way more like a “Tim Gunn” kind of situation where we just have to make it work! With all of that being said, there are a few things that are absolute non-negotiables for us when it comes to guest rooms.

Here is a list of our Guest Room Must Haves

  • It HAS to be clutter free, so great storage is an absolute must

  • Extra lines – particularly a warm blanket and additional pillows

  • A trash can – sounds weird, but trust us, don’t forget this detail

  • The Wi-Fi password. It’s just awkward to have to ask the host for it these days

  • An alarm clock – a small detail that makes a big difference

  • Empty hangers and a place to hang a few items – this can be space in a closet, an armoire, or even just a nice garnet rack will do the trick

  • Task lighting – a small bedside lamp is generally sufficient

  • Layoff space for a suitcase or travel bag – As a generally rule, I actually like to supply two or an extra long bench

  • A set of towels and washcloths

The Space Plan


So, we’re moving forward with original concepts, but we’re going to have to make some big moves over this next week. The arched armoire was something that people were really drawn to and unfortunately, that item is now on backorder and not even available for POTENTIAL shipping until the project has come to a close.

The Armoire that won’t…

WSDG-CabinetOpt 1.jpg

Here are some alternatives that we’re looking into.


The Bench that can’t…


Some of the alternates that could make the cut.


So, wish us luck as we scramble our way into week three! We’ve had some set backs, but we’re so excited and grateful to be participating amongst such a wonderful community.

Happy Designing!

Whitestone Design Group

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