One Room Challenge | Guest Room – Week 3

October 22, 2020

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Halfway there!! Everything is finally selected and although a lot of decisions have been made based on availability, we’re feeling so good about where this project is headed. The pressure of getting this project all to come together in this short window of time is bringing back all kinds of nostalgia from our design school days!

WSDG - ORCfall20 W3.jpg

Balancing our current client workload with getting this project completed has made for some major schedule rearrangement this week. We had big plans for painting the room out and ultimately shift focus onto the work that keeps us in business! However, we were able finish up a fun little art project we’re going to feature in the finished space we can’t wait to share with you!

This week will be a week of massive changes. The flooring is scheduled to come in, so we’ll be getting the carpet out and new flooring in which feels super excited! Seeing as how the painting didn’t get done this week, it’ll have to be the priority in this week. We’re hoping to have the electrician out to install our new light fixtures – that’s going to make a huge difference in this space. Window treatments will have to be made and potentially installed, but that might be a stretch goal.

WSDG ORCfall20 W4-1.jpg

So, with paint on hand, furniture on its way, and a strong commitment to finishing this thing, these ladies are ready to make the most of Week Four! Wish us luck, we’re likely going to need it!


If you’re not familiar with the One Room Challenge, it’s such a fantastic event! Twenty talented Designers/Bloggers/DIYers and a whole slew of Guest Participants overhaul a space of their choosing. In six weeks, all participants reveal their room makeover for the world to see. So much goes into each of these projects and it truly is a celebration of hard work and incredible vision. You can see the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge 20 Featured Designers Here . This season, they will actually be wowing us with a Digital Transformation in lieu of a traditional transformation due to the restraints of Covid and we are personally so excited to see how this new way of doing things shakes out! You can also keep up to date with the rest of the Guest Participants Here to see what so many others are getting themselves into!

Thank you so much for stopping by to check in our progress. We’ll eagerly be ready to share even more with you all next week!

The Whitestone Design Group Team

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