One Room Challenge | Guest Room – Week 4

October 29, 2020

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Week four of the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge is in the books and this week has been a DOOZIE! So many things have happened this week and it’s finally feeling like the vision is starting to take shape! Rugs have arrived, walls have been painted and furniture is starting to be scheduled for delivery. It’s an exciting time folks and we’re rounding the corner to final stretch!

If you’re not familiar with the One Room Challenge, it’s such a fantastic event! Twenty talented Designers/Bloggers/DIYers and a whole slew of Guest Participants overhaul a space of their choosing. In six weeks, all participants reveal their room makeover for the world to see. So much goes into each of these projects and it truly is a celebration of hard work and incredible vision. You can see the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge 20 Featured Designers Here . This season, they will actually be wowing us with a Digital Transformation in lieu of a traditional transformation due to the restraints of Covid and we are personally so excited to see how this new way of doing things shakes out! You can also keep up to date with the rest of the Guest Participants Here to see what so many others are getting themselves into!


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The floors are in!! Hooray! Now the flooring in the entire lower level matches and it really makes a difference down there. After doing three other spaces, this last bedroom actually ended up going really quickly! In a time where everything feels like it takes so much longer than we ever expect, we’re grateful that something ended going far quicker thank we planned! The new trim is in as well. Little by little, all of the trim and paint has been refreshed throughout this house for consistency and just to give it a more updated and current feel. So, it feels good to have this space now checked off the list!

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I’ve painted a LOT of spaces, and as a Design Team here in the Seattle Area, we’ve specified paint for more homes and businesses than we could even count. However, even now, I’m still impressed on every project just how much of a difference paint can make. This project is no different. The power of paint people… The power of paint! We still have some big plans up our sleeve in regards to paint, but as things stand right now, we’re so happy with how much lighter and brighter this space is looking!

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 2.28.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 2.28.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 2.32.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 2.29.36 PM.png

Beautiful new artwork has been ordered as well as new frames for the gallery wall! We actually decided to do some over ordering so that we’ll have a nice array of options to pick from when it comes to putting it all together. It’s easy to be attracted to a wide variety of art and items, but pairing it all down into something cohesive and beautiful is truly an art form all its own. Installing a gallery wall always takes a lot more time than anticipated, so we’re hoping everything arrives here quickly so we can get moving on this portion of the project.

WSDG ORCfall20 W4-5.JPG

Furniture is starting to arrive!! That always ends up making a project so real. I’ll be transparent though, we are pretty nervous that we won’t receive all the furniture in time. The armoire and the bench that were our reselects when our first choices weren’t available inside of the six week project timeline, still might not make it in time either.


The list is LONG, so where should we begin? We’re going to be pushing it one this project, but we’re determined to have fun doing it!

  • The upholstery sales have now arrived for the headboard, so we need to make a choice on which one we’re going with and do a rush order

  • Construct the headboard

  • Do the final details with paint

  • Install new ceiling light fixture

  • Install window treatments

  • Finish up draperies and get them steamed

  • Get crafty!! We want to create two custom pieces of art for this project and to add to our shop!

  • Get the rest of the bedding, launder it and steam it. Let us tell you, steaming the bedding makes all the difference in the world!

  • Final styling and install day

Two more weeks to go and plenty to keep us busy! Thank you so much for stopping by and we look forward to sharing so much more with you next week. Don’t forget to check in on what so many of the other talented participants are doing. You won’t regret it!

– happy designing –

The Whitestone Design Group Team

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Looking good! Totally agree on the power of paint, it can completely transform any space!

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