FRIDAY FAVES – October Lust List by Heather

October 14, 2023

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It’s officially fall.  Sweater weather, sober October, pumpkin patches, oh my… 

And I love all of it.  


It’s all about getting cozy, staying dry, and making the absolute most of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer in the fall.  Luckily, the fall colors of the PNW are 100% on brand for me, wink wink, so this is my season when it comes to wardrobe selections! 

I’m a girl who loves elevated basics.  My schedule is ALWAYS packed to the brim, so waking up scattered with zero clue what to wear just isn’t an option for me.  Ensuring that I always have my “basics” dialed in makes it easy to coordinate something that I feel good in everyday without having to overthink too much.  Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in a printable checklist for my Fall Basics Wardrobe Essentials and I’d be happy to send it to you!

1. Patch Pocket Sweater | 2. Faux Leather Dress | 3. Shearling Clogs | 4. Ruffle Socks | 5. Shearling Slide Sandal | 6. Pleat Trousers | 7. Metallic Boots | 8. Heart Puff Sleeve Sweater

1. The lady jacket.  What can I say.  This is a vibe that makes my preppy little heart skip a beat and I want it in my closet yesterday.

2. This dress is SO chic.  This might just be at the very top of my lust list.

3. I feel like these are slightly impractical in this part of the country, but they look so unbelievably cozy that I can’t help myself. 

4. I love booties and I love high tops.  With both of those come cute socks.  And these are SUPER cute.

5. These are equally impractical for the PNW but the coziness is well worth it.

6. The trouser has just completely taken over lately and I just so happen to love the look, love this brand, and enjoy looking polished while actually feeling comfortable.  Move over denim, the trouser trend might end you.

7. Metallics are so hot right now! I’m into it and these silver boots have just enough interest to them to make me think they’re going to be “the ones” this season for this girl.

8. Sweaters are a fall staple.  This one just feels a little special, a little girly girl, and filled with a little love and hope.


With fall comes the holidays and as soon as October rolls around, I start thinking about entertaining.  With entertaining comes table styling, cocktails and delicious food.  All of which falls into the category of my favorite things.  Here are the things I have my eyes on around the home that would make all of the above just a little bit better.

1. Taper Candles | 2. Antler Object | 3. Salt & Pepper Grinder | 4. Inka Bowl | 5. Coffee Cups | 6. French Press | 7. Stagg Kettle | 8. Faux Magnolia Branch

1. Want to make a statement, these candles will do just the trick.

2. I’ve had my eye on this piece for ages and I’m ready to make my house its home.

3. My love for all things Scandinavian inspired is wanting these gorgeous salt and pepper mills.  I know everyone is still really into the brass grinders, but I think these feel special and add some interest and texture with their wood tones.

4. I’m in love with this color right now and this bowl is calling my name.  Can’t wait to get creative and style a stunning flower arrangement in it!

5. These coffee cups are to die for. 

6. The morning chill calls for warm cups of coffee and tea!  Who’s with me?  I think I’m going to take my coffee (french press snob right here) and tea stylishly this season.

7. Thinking that the gorgeous kettle is going to need it’s french press companion.

8. I like my drama right where I can see it.  Ridiculous reality tv and in my decor.  These magnolia leaves are going to pack a major punch this fall and I want in on it.

Health & Wellness

1 Shower Steamers | 2. ActivatedYou Collagen | 3. Chirp Wheel | 4. Foot Mask | 5. Hand Mask

1. Showers need a little extra kick once cold and flu season come around.

2. I love this stuff.  During the fall and winter, we all need just a little extra self care.  This is an effortless way to do it.

3. Things tend to get a little dry when we all retreat inside, so these patchology items are great for battling dry hands and feet

4. Stress, sitting, design installs, and overall life decisions have all contributed to a back that has a tendency to get quite uncomfortable for this girl.  I purchased a Chirp Wheel set last year and it has made such an impact on my health and wellness regimen.  It’s so easy to commit a few 3-5 minute stretching sessions with these wheels that I’ve experienced remarkable improvement with back, hip, and neck pain.  It’s time for me to get a set at the office and a bag to be able to take one to intall days.  These things are amazing!

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