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October 17, 2023

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Being an interior designer is really about being able to be a little bit of everything. Sure we love picking out the perfect tile pattern and cozy yet durable fabric for your custom sofa, but we also moonlight as accountants, counselors, business women, marketing mavens and last but certainly not least: handy women. Every project install is a huge undertaking and regardless of how well planned everything might be, there’s always a few things that need a little repair or tweaking to get just right. Take a peek at what we always keep in our ‘Install Day Go Bag’ for minor repairs, cord management, picture hanging, furniture assembly, steaming out wrinkles, cleaning and more. These things always come in handy and we don’t go anywhere without them!

1. Cordless Drill Tool Kit | 2. Wireless Phone Charging Stand | 3. Cordless Hot Glue Gun | 4. Quake Hold | 5. Picture Hanging Hooks | 6. Wireless Phone Charger | 7. Bluetooth Speaker | 8. Cordless Flash Light | 9. 12 Outlet Extension Cord | 10. Outlet Consealor Extension Cord | 11. Kexi Steamer | 12. Cordless Hand Vaccum | 13. Wood Touchup Markers | 14. Tape Measure | 15. Furniture Sliders | 16. Magic Erasers | 17. Furniture Felt Pads | 18. Rug Tape | 19. Earthquake Picture Hooks | 20. Flat Extension Cord | 21. Goof Off

1. Cordless Drill Tool Kit: This is the most aesthetically pleasing tool kit we’ve ever found! Bonus: it works great!

2. Wireless Phone Charging Stand: Long days of install photos, phone calls and energetic playlists drain our phone batteries super fast. With this charging stand you can also charge your airpods and take facetime calls.

3. Cordless Hot Glue Gun: The most beautiful and functional glue gun ever! Gone are the days of too short power cords and having to fix things in a dark corner. This one is rechargable!

4. Quake Hold: We never leave home without this stuff. It’s so important to make sure all the shelf styling we do stays in place and doesn’t become a falling hazard. It’s also great for fixing a crooked picture frame or candle stick in it’s holder. It also cleans up easily if you want to move things and doesn’t leave any residue.

5. Picture Hanging Hooks: By far the easiest hanging hooks we’ve used! Just push into the wall and hang your artwork. No hammer needed! They also claim to be able to hold up to 100 lbs!

6. Wireless Phone Charger: Everyone needs extra phone chargers around their house and these ones are way more pleasing to look at than dangling cords everywhere. We always bring extra chargers to install day so nobody is left without juice.

7. Bluetooth Speaker: There is no way to get through the marathon of an all day install without some good JAMS. Bonus, if you have the best speaker in the house then you get DJ rights automatically 😉

8. Cordless Flash Light: For all those small cabinets, closets and garages where the light fixtures haven’t been installed yet – it’s always important to have a powerful flashlight on hand.

9. 12 Outlet Extension Cord: Cord management is a real love/hate relationship for us. The amount of things that need to be plugged in to make our homes run these days is almost overwhelming, but we also love a challenge. Finagling the perfect solution for safely and beautifully concealing all the cords is a lot easier when you have this many plug in options.

10. Outlet Consealor Extension Cord: These extension cords are ideal for behind a sofa, bed or cabinet so the furniture can sit up as close to the wall as possible but allows you to still have access to outlets.

11. Kexi Steamer: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Hands down our favorite steamer! Window coverings, sheets and shower curtains all look so much better once they lie flat and get all their little wrinkles flattened out.

12. Cordless Hand Vaccum: The amount of styrofoam that comes out of furniture boxes is really unfortunate. Even more unfortunate is the inevitable mess of trying to chase down every little bead of it that rolls around mocking you throughout the day. A powerful vacuum is your best friend at the end of the day to make sure your client’s home is in tip top shape before the big reveal!

13. Wood Touchup Markers: This is another thing we don’t leave home without. These are fantastic for sofa legs, hardwood floors, tables and more! Everyone needs a set of these to keep their house looking fresh and new for as long as possible.

14. Tape Measure: Can’t go anywhere without a tape measure. Designers do a lot of measuring to make sure all the furniture is laid out perfectly and art work is hung at the right height.

15. Furniture Sliders: These bad boys are such a back saver for moving big furniture items on carpet. Just put each leg on one of these and you can move a whole bed around by yourself!

16. Magic Erasers: Another essential item. These erasers are a classic for a reason. They remove smudges on walls, get the last of the construction dust out of your sinks and tubs and keep your white sneakers looking brand new for years!

17. Furniture Felt Pads: if you’ve just invested in new flooring then do yourself a favor and protect all of your chair and table legs with these pads. Preventing deep scratches in your new hardwoods will save you a big headache later on.

18. Rug Tape: This stuff is essential for new rugs that tend to roll up a bit at the edges or slide around a lot. This tape will keep everything in place.

19. Earthquake Picture Hooks: These are our other tried and true picture hangers. They are super sturdy and ensure that your beautiful artwork doesn’t go anywhere.

20. Flat Extension Cord: This thing is the best invention since sliced bread (almost!) If you don’t have a floor outlet then running a flat extension cord under your living room rug to power your lamps is your best bet to avoid any tripping hazards. This baby is a little more expensive than your traditional extension cord but it’s definitely worth it!

21. Goof Off: We can’t go anywhere without a bottle of this stuff. Why do so many stores still use tags that leave sticky residue on our new finds?? Goof Off will save you a lot of time and frustration when removing those sticky situations.

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