November Lust List by Heather

November 10, 2023

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This month has started out cold and very, very wet.  We’ve settled indoors and are looking forward to the festive days ahead.  This time of year calls for all things cozy, family festivities and friends.  So, let’s start planning those parties, dig out the decor, and fill our shopping carts responsibly!

1. Free People Booties | 2. Wool Felt Fedora | 3. Faux Shearling Bomber Jacket | 4. Ulla Johnson Lace Dress | 5. Corduroy Wide Leg Pants | 6. Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan | 7. Half Zip Pullover | 8. Platform Chelsea Rain Boots

1. Free People Booties: Free People Boots – I’ve seen these circulating around Instagram and they just feel like a must have.

2. Wool Felt Fedora: The rain is here to stay in the Pacific Northwest.  Hats are great for myself looking like a wet mess.  Form and function!

3. Faux Shearling Bomber Jacket: I honestly do not think this bomber jacket even needs an explanation.  It is SO special!

4. Ulla Johnson Lace Dress: Ulla Johnson Midi Dress – I’m an absolute sucker for winter white everything.  I can see feeling so lovely in all the family photos in this gorgeous dress.

5. Corduroy Wide Leg Pants: This color.  It’s so gorgeous for the fall/winter.  I didn’t see myself slipping into corduroy again, but there are no rules about changing your mind when it comes to fashion!

6. Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan: Giant Cozy Cocoon Sweater – Nothing says “time to get cozy” like an oversize cashmere sweater. 

7. Half Zip Pullover: The rain is here to stay in the Pacific Northwest.  Hats are great for myself looking like a wet mess.  Form and function!

8. Platform Chelsea Rain Boots: November is notoriously the wettest month where we live, so the rainboots MUST be cute!

1. Charta Floor Lamp | 2. Exclusive Living In The Mountains Book | 3. Ceramic Taper Candle Holders | 4. Tyler Mongolian Fur Armchair | 5. XL Carved Bowl | 6. Cake Stand | 7. Classic Book Ends | 8. Flower & Taper Candle Bowl

1. Charta Floor Lamp: With things getting so much darker around here, I’m in need of some new lighting.  This lamp is gorgeous and the size and scale of it are top notch.

2. Exclusive Living In The Mountains Book: Now that I’ve seen this beautiful book in person, I have to have it!  It might just be one of the most beautiful design books I’ve ever laid my hands on.

3. Ceramic Taper Candle Holders: Relaxed and refined is the entire vibe here at Whitestone Design Group, so when I came across these candle holders, they were an instant covet.  I’m in love with the simplicity of these candle holders while they still make a statement. 

4. Tyler Mongolian Fur Armchair: I’ve been longing to get two of these for my office. 

5. XL Carved Bowl: Kristi and I saw this at High Point Market this year and we haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since!  This just might be the most stylish way to house those throw blankets we’ve ever seen.

6. Cake Stand: I mean… I have no words!! This just might be the coolest serving tray ever.  I want it desperately!

7. Classic Book Ends: New books need new bookends, and these beauties are too fun to pass up!

8. Flower & Taper Candle Bowl: Gorgeous floral arrangements are having such a moment right now and I think this piece is so unique.  I’m fully manifesting a gorgeous Thanksgiving Day arrangement in this beauty!

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