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November 7, 2023

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Cooking for friends and family is one of our favorite things to do (this does not apply to hurried weeknight dinners when there’s only wilted carrots and questionable cheese left in the fridge.) But when we have time to get the proper ingredients, plan out a meal and have someone else to wrangle the rascals and hooligans (that’s children and husbands, respectively) it can be one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. Below you’ll find some of our favorite tried and true cookbooks and a few new ones that are on our wishlists or gift giving lists this year. Enjoy!

This one is tried and true! Tieghan is amazing at coming up with delicious yet very approachable recipes for any occasion.

From the author of one of our favorite interior design books (check out our post about favorite design books here) comes this absolutely beautiful gem of a cookbook. Athena creates magical dishes that look and taste incredible.

This cookbook is a go to for anyone who is vegetarian, vegan, or just looking for some inspiration for meatless Mondays. All of the recipes are vegan and most are also gluten free but I promise everything is so good you won’t even miss the usual ingredients. Definitely one of my favorites!

This wonderful and rustic cookbook comes from Hood River, OR – we love supporting our fellow Pacific North-Westerners! The author owns a beautiful farm and sells their produce at the Hood River farmers market. Her recipes are so homey and simple, you’ll love them. (hint: the Spicy Tomato Bisque is my most favorite soup recipe I’ve ever tried.)

Another one of Teaghan Gerard’s books. You seriously can’t go wrong with any of her recipes and I highly recommend getting all 3 of her cookbooks.

Not only one of the most beautifully designed cookbooks we’ve found (so it looks amazing styled on your counters or shelves – win!) but also full of truly delicious meals for your family.

Another absolutely beautiful cookbook that will look great styled in your home (we know that’s not a requirement for cookbooks but anytime you can get a great book that also doubles as decor it’s like getting two great things for the price of one!) This book is also full of delicious and inspiring meals that will have you planning your next dinner party in no time.

This one is new to us but we would seriously buy it for the images alone. It’s full of beautiful outdoor meals in some of the planets’ most awe-inspiring places. The recipes look warm and comforting and are all meant to be made while camping or cooking outside. This one would make a great gift for anyone that’s into the outdoors and/or food.

Here at WSDG we are BIG fans of Trader Joes, what’s not to love?! This cookbook is life-changingly simple. Every recipe can be made with things bought at TJ’s and contains 5 ingredients or less. Hello weeknight savior!

We hope you love all our go-to cookbooks as much as we do. If you have any of your own favorites, drop them in the comments below! Happy cooking.

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