Pacific Northwest Nursery | One Room Challenge – Week 3

April 19, 2018

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Whitestone Design Group | Pacific Northwest Nursery | One Room Challenge - WK 3

This week has been interesting as I’ve been doing most of my work from a distance.  A GREAT distance.  As in, I’m currently checking in from Maui!  I wouldn’t trade vacation for anything in the world, and one of the best parts about my job is being able to doing 85% of it from anywhere, BUT, with this six week deadline (only 3 of which are left), it’s been an interesting challenge to make sure all the necessary things are getting done!

Thank the heavens above for the internet and technology.  My biggest task for this week of the One Room Challenge was to make some final decisions on the items I’ll be using in the Pacific Northwest Nursery and ensuring that they’ll be available on time.  Because there are so many resources online these days, that option has been sooooo helpful.  I’m generally a “touch, feel, fall in love” kind of girl, but I’ve decided that with this project, I will have to leave those enjoyable parts of the project for the end.  Here are a few of my decisions I still have left to make.  PLEASE!!  Do not hesitate to weigh in with your preference on any of these items.  I’ve already been so lucky that have the help of some readers with a few other selections I’m so excited about.


1. Crib

I love both of these.  I’m going for “unfinished” kind of natural feel, but I like the small painted detail on crib #2 even though it’s not completely what I initially was shooting for. Both have non-toxic finishes and are convertible. And both have that minimal look that I was looking for initially.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 4.12.26 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-18 at 4.10.37 PM.png

I love Benjamin Moore’s paint and their color selections.  I want a nice, earthy green to pair with the clean, bright white I get from BM’s Simply White, so here are the two I’ve narrowed it down to. 1. is Boreal Forest, AF-480.  2. is Lush, AF-475.

I love both of these SO much!  I feel that its impossible to go wrong with either of these, but am a little afraid that one might be a tad overpowering.  However, either way, I need to decide ASAP because this is one of the projects that could push me over on time. The fabric I don’t use to make the draperies out of will be used as additional pillows for the nursery.


Whitestone Design Group | Pacific Northwest Nursery | One Room Challenge - WK 3

1.  Because the room is all hard surfaces, ya know, brick, drywall, and bamboo floors, I need a BIG area room that’s soft and provides a lot of visual texture.  So, I’m going to go with this 8’x10′ jute/sisal rug to help cover the majority of the floor.

2. BYE BYE boob light!!! Can’t get the existing one down fast enough!  And a HUGE “thank you” to everyone who helped me to select this gorgeous light fixture.  So excited to see it in this babies space!

3. I’m loving layered rugs right now, so I’m repurposing an existing 5’x8′ moroccan wool rug that I own to accomplish that soft, layered look.  I’ll probably position this rug underneath the crib.

4. Want to come visit?!  We’ve got you covered!  This day bed is AWESOME.  It’s size is perfect in the room AND folds into a Queen sized bed solving our issue with needing the extra room to sleep guest.  Our pup Makeena will be happy to know she’s still got a good size comfy spot to take her many snoozes in.

5. The room isn’t quite big enough to have a daybed and a large rocking chair in.  So, I decided on this small scale rocker that will go with the rest of our homes decor once we’re done using it in the nursery.  We have a great rocking chair in our sons room that we’ll use in our living room when the baby is small and requires a lot of night time feedings from half awake parents.  But, the small scale should work great for getting babe to sleep for day time naps in the privacy of he or she’s own room.

6. Woven wood blinds – because I’m a SUCKER for texture.  Then, more texture.  On top of some additional texture!!!  I have a love affair with texture 🙂

7. I’ve decided to do a collaboration piece with my favorite Pacific Northwest Wood Craftsman. So, although I do love the look of this particular piece, you’ll have to check back week 6 to see the final outcome of the custom side table that we come up with!

8. I love Moroccan leather footstools.  The color is perfect for the nursery and I’m praying that since I’ve ordered it from Morocco directly, it arrives on time!

9. Every little one needs a rocking chair.  And this little modern gem is going to do just the trick!

10. This is where I seriously need to get on my game.  I need to make a selection for the drapery fabric and I need to make it soon!!!  None-the-less, I feel confident about the patterns I have to choose from and I can wait to implement them.

11. I’m so in love with this fawn fabric!  This textile is soon to be made into adorable bummers for the, yet to be decided, crib.  Haha, seriously, if you have a suggestion, I could use all the help I can get!



By next week, I’ll have to have made all final decisions and product should definitely start rolling in by the truck fulls.  We’ll be painting, building, DIY-ing, and documenting.  All of which, I’ll be happily sharing with YOU!  Be sure to check out what the other Designers are doing with their One Room Challenges here.


Thank you so much to all of you keeping up with what’s going on with this Challenge with me!  I truly appreciate your support more than words can say.

– Happy Designing –

heather-scherie with Whitestone Design Group

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  1. Deb says:

    Found this while looking for vision development for infants

    Was looking for research on patterns to help with drapery choice. The article recommends a mobile if you want to consider that.

  2. Wynne says:

    I’m voting for Boreal Forest and fabric pattern #2 (with the checks) which seems so Whitestone! Love this blog post!

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