Pacific Northwest Nursery | One Room Challenge – Week 4

April 26, 2018

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Whitestone Design Group | Pacific Northwest Nursery | One Room Challenge - WK 4

Week 4 of the One Room Challenge has come to a close!  This past week has been a productive one.  All the decisions have been made and items are starting to come in on the daily.  I still have a little fear that all the items won’t arrive on time… But, I’m trying to focus on the list of things I can control and make the best of it! 

Whitestone Design Group | Pacific Northwest Nursery | One Room Challenge - WK 4

One of the most fun parts of this project has turned out to be the dresser DIY that we have taken on as a little family ūüôā  We took a dresser that we were using in our last home that no longer worked in our master bedroom and decided that with a little love, we could turn it into a dresser that could double as a changing table.  I had a vision and, luckily, a husband that was willing to get his hands dirty with me.  Not to mention the adorable toddler that always wants the opportunity to help out! 

Whitestone Design Group | Pacific Northwest Nursery | One Room Challenge - WK 4

Prayers that it turns out as great in real life as it looks in my head! ¬†Because…. replacing it with something else with only two weeks left isn’t an option anymore!¬†


The best part of Week 4 is all the items starting to show up! ¬†We received the light fixture the day after we got home from vacation and you can bet your behind that I had that bad boy up within 24 hours! ¬†And, I have a new love affair with ceiling medallions. ¬†This pregnant mama was looking for ANY possible way to avoid painting the ceiling and this magical, gorgeous, and minimal ceiling medallion swooped in to save my day. ¬†I absolutely love it! The window shade came this week. ¬†Because it will take a bit of work to get up, that task will have to wait until the weekend. ¬†Annnnnnnnd, my fave! ¬†I’ve wanted a LetterFolk board for well over a year. ¬†Thank you sweet new, unborn baby for giving me the perfect reason to finally own one! ¬†The quality is fantastic and I can’t wait to see it up on the wall.¬†


Whitestone Design Group | Pacific Northwest Nursery | One Room Challenge - WK 4Here’s where I’m currently at with the To Do list.  It seems like there’s a lot of items left to do, but as I mentioned before, I genuinely feel good about managing the tasks that are left.  In a perfect world, I’d hope to have these items done by the end of next week so I’m not making a complete mad dash to the finish line.  Some of these items will be dependent on all the items arriving, but I’ll do my best!  In the end, going with the flow, having six back up plans, and finding joy in the chaos is what the One Room Challenge is all about!    

Don’t forget to check out what the other Designers are accomplishing with their One Room Challenges.  I know that everyone is working SO hard and we all pour our heats and souls into these projects.  I feel so lucky to be doing this challenge with such talented people.  

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To those of you who are checking in weekly to see how it’s all shaping up, I can’t be more grateful.  It’s your support and feedback that’s making this all worth it. 

– Happy Designing –

heather scherie of Whitestone Design Group

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  1. S. Farrar says:

    OOOOOOO!! I am so excited for this project and aam obsessed with that light fixture! So good about letting P help out, I get so overwhelmed with my kids helping out! Great post!

  2. Wynne says:

    Absolutely LOVE everything that’s happening! What fun!!!

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